2009/04/15 - Apache HiveMind has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

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HiveMind includes tools for documentating a HiveMind registry ... the combined information from all modules that are deployed at runtime. At build time, all related HiveMind module deployment descriptors are parsed and the results combined into a single file. The master file (which is only used for this documentation) is then converted into a set of HTML files using XSLT. The end result is much like JavaDoc ... it's fully hyperlinked and allows you to see all services, configuration points, contributions and schemas clearly.

Incorporated into the generated documentation is user-supplied descriptions. The <attribute>, <configuration-point>, <element>, <module>, <schema> and <service-point> elements can enclose a description (as character data), i.e.:

<module id="mymodule" version="1.0.0">

  A module for my application with my services, etc.

The HiveDoc for the HiveMind framework and library is available here.

Details on building the documentation will be coming soon.