2009/04/15 - Apache HiveMind has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

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Library Dependencies

HiveMind has a number of dependencies on other open-source frameworks. The Ant build files for HiveMind will automatically download dependencies from the Maven repository on ibiblio.

Occasionally, HiveMind outstrips the availability of JAR versions on ibiblio.com. If a version of a JAR is not available, you will need to locate and download the other package's distribution, extract the necessary JAR file (and occasionally rename it), and copy it into ext-package/lib. The build scripts will pick up the file from there.
File Name Notes
commons-logging-1.0.3.jar Commons-Logging
easymock-1.1.jar EasyMock testing framework Only needed by HiveMindTestCase, which exists as the basis for your own tests.
groovy-all-1.0-beta-10.jar Groovy Used by the GroovyModuleDescriptorProvider to support Groovy module descriptors.
jboss-j2ee-3.2.1.jar JBoss J2EE Server Used by some services of the HiveMind library. No dependencies on JBoss itself, just on the javax.ejb package.
javassist-3.0.jar Javassist bytecode library
oro-2.0.6.jar ORO Regular Expressions
spring-full-1.0.1.jar Spring Used by the hivemind.lib.SpringLookupFactory service.

Typically, all you need is the HiveMind libraries, Javassist, ORO and commons-logging. Your EJB container will provide the javax.ejb classes. Obviously, you should include Spring if your are using Spring, and EasyMock if you are writing tests using the HiveMindTestCase base class.

In most cases, HiveMind has been built against a "handy" version; in all likelyhood you can vary the exact version of a dependency to suite your existing environment. Just remember to write some tests!

HiveMind is explicitly designed to be used with JDK 1.3 and above. It uses no features from JDK 1.4 that aren't also available on JDK 1.3.