org.apache.hivemind The main HiveMind package.
org.apache.hivemind.ant Ant tasks to support HiveMind.
org.apache.hivemind.conditional Classes and interfaces used in the implementation of conditional contributions.  
org.apache.hivemind.impl Implementations of interfaces defined in the org.apache.commons.hivemind package.
org.apache.hivemind.internal.ser Serialization of services.
org.apache.hivemind.order Classes and interfaces for ordering objects based on dependencies.
org.apache.hivemind.parse Classes used to parse HiveMind module deployment descriptors, and descriptor objects that represent the parsed information.
org.apache.hivemind.schema Interfaces defining Schema support (used to process extension point contributions and service parameters).
org.apache.hivemind.schema.impl Implementations of schema-related intefaces defined in package org.apache.hivemind.schema.
org.apache.hivemind.schema.rules Implementations of the Rule and Translator interfaces.
org.apache.hivemind.service Definitions of services provided by the hivemind module.
org.apache.hivemind.service.impl Implementations of services provided by the hivemind module.
org.apache.hivemind.servlet Classes to support use of HiveMind within servlet applications.
org.apache.hivemind.test Base classes and utilities to support unit tests involving HiveMind.
org.apache.hivemind.util Implementations of Resource and related utilities.