Package org.apache.hivemind.impl

Implementations of interfaces defined in the org.apache.commons.hivemind package.


Interface Summary
ConstructableServicePoint "Private" interface used by a ServiceModels to access non- information about a ServicePoint, such as its instance builder and interceptors.
RegistryAssembly Interfaced used during the construction of the Registry.

Class Summary
AbstractExtensionPoint Base class for extension points; provides module, visibility and extensionPointId properties.
AbstractMessages Abstract base class for implementations of Messages.
AttributeImpl Implementation of Attribute.
BaseLocatable Base class for classes which implement LocationHolder.
ConfigurationPointImpl Implementation of the ConfigurationPoint interface; a container for Contributions.
ContributionImpl Implements the Contribution interface, a wrapper around objects that can provide values that plug into an extension point.
CreateClassServiceConstructor Constructs a service by instantiating a class.
DefaultClassResolver Default implementation of ClassResolver based around Thread.getContextClassLoader() (which is set by the servlet container).
DefaultErrorHandler Default implementation of ErrorHandler that simply logs error.
ElementImpl Implementation of Element.
ElementsInnerProxyList Implements a List as a proxy to an actual list of elements, provided by an extension point.
ElementsInnerProxyMap Implements a Map as a proxy to an actual map of elements, provided by an extension point.
ElementsProxyList The List implementation visible to the client code.
ElementsProxyMap The Map implementation visible to the client code.
InterceptorStackImpl Implementation of the InterceptorStack interface; localizes error checking in one place.
InvokeFactoryServiceConstructor Constructs a new service by invoking methods on another service (which implements the ServiceImplementationFactory interface.
JavaTypeUtils Holds a utility method that converts java type names (as they might appear in source code) into JVM class names.
LocationImpl Implementation of the Location interface.
MessageFormatter A wrapper around ResourceBundle that makes it easier to access and format messages.
ModuleImpl Implementation of Module.
ModuleMessages An implementation of Messages that obtains messages from a MessageFinder, in a locale provided by the ThreadLocale service.
ProxyBuilder Class used to assist service extension points in creating proxies.
ProxyUtils Contains some common code used to create proxies that defer to a service model method for thier service.
RegistryAssemblyImpl Implementation of RegistryAssembly.
RegistryBuilder Class used to build a Registry from individual ModuleDescriptor.
RegistryImpl Implementation of Registry that delegates to an instance of RegistryInfrastructure.
RegistryInfrastructureConstructor Fed a series of ModuleDescriptors, this class will assemble them into a final RegistryInfrastructure as well as perform some validations.
RegistryInfrastructureImpl Implementation of RegistryInfrastructure.
SchemaProcessorImpl Used to assemble all the Contributions contributed to an ConfigurationPoint while converting the XML (represented as Elements into Java objects.
ServiceImplementationFactoryParametersImpl Wrapper around a ServicePoint and a List of parameters, passed to a ServiceImplementationFactory.
ServiceInterceptorContributionImpl Implementation of ServiceInterceptorContribution.
ServiceModelContribution Defines a name and a service model factory.
ServicePointImpl Abstract implementation of ServicePoint.
ShutdownCoordinatorImpl Manages a list of objects that implement the RegistryShutdownListener interface.
StartupImpl Startup service for the HiveMind Registry.
StrictErrorHandler An implementation of ErrorHandler that throws an ApplicationRuntimeException instead of logging an error.
SymbolExpander A simple parser used to identify symbols in a string and expand them via a SymbolSource.
SystemPropertiesSymbolSource Implementation of SymbolSource that accesses System.getProperty(java.lang.String).
TranslatorContribution A contribution to the hivemind.Translators configuration point.
TranslatorManager Manages translators for RegistryInfrastructureImpl.
XmlModuleDescriptorProvider Implementation of the ModuleDescriptorProvider interface which uses the DescriptorParser to provide module descriptors defined in XML.

Package org.apache.hivemind.impl Description

Implementations of interfaces defined in the org.apache.commons.hivemind package. In addition, the RegistryBuilder is here.