Package org.apache.hivemind

The main HiveMind package.


Interface Summary
Attribute An attribute that may be attached to a Element.
ClassResolver An object which is used to resolve classes and class-path resources.
Discardable Implemented by a core service implementationsthat require notification when they are discarded.
Element Simplified read-only thread safe DOM.
ErrorHandler Interface for handling recoverable errors.
ErrorLog A wrapper around ErrorHandler and Logfor the most common case: reporting recoverable errors.
InterceptorStack Used when constructing an interceptor stack around a service implementation instance.
Locatable Interface for classes that may be linked to a specific location.
Location Represents a location within a resource; this is universally used to support error reporting, by relating run-time objects back to specific locations wtihin specific resources.
LocationHolder Common interface for objects that can hold a location, typically, the location within a Resource from which the object was created.
Messages A set of localized message strings.
ModuleDescriptorProvider ModuleDescriptorProviders are used by the RegistryBuilder (see RegistryBuilder.addModuleDescriptorProvider(ModuleDescriptorProvider)) to load the ModuleDescriptor objects describing the Modules which will be exposed by the Registry.
Orderable Interface typically used by configuration items that wish to be ordered.
PoolManageable Interface for core service implementations that are managed using the pooled service model.
Registry The HiveMind registry; primarily this is used to gain access to services.
Resource Describes the location of a resource, such as a module deployment descriptor, or a messages file.
ServiceImplementationFactory Interface for an object that can create a service's core implementation.
ServiceImplementationFactoryParameters A wrapper for the parameters needed by ServiceImplementationFactory.
ServiceInterceptorFactory Interface defining an interceptor factory, an object that can create an interceptor.
ShutdownCoordinator The coordinator is used by other services to determine when the registry was shutdown.
SymbolSource Used to define an object that can provide a value for a substitution symbol (substitution symbol can appear in HiveMind module deployment descriptors).

Class Summary
HiveMind Static utility class for HiveMind.
HiveMindMessages Used to format general-purpose messages used in code within HiveMind.
Occurances Identifies the number of contributions allowed to a configuration extension point.
SymbolSourceContribution Contribution to the org.apache.hivemind.SymbolSource configuration extension point; used to provide a SymbolSource implementation (often, as a service defined in HiveMind itself), and advice on ordering the service.

Exception Summary
ApplicationRuntimeException General wrapper for any exception (normal or runtime) that may occur during runtime processing for the application.

Package org.apache.hivemind Description

The main HiveMind package.