Package org.apache.hivemind.methodmatch

Class Summary
CompositeFilter Runs a suite of MethodFilters, returning true only if each filter does.
ExactNameFilter Matches a method if the name is an exact match.
InfixNameFilter Matches a method when the provided string appears anywhere in the method name.
MatchAllFilter Matches all methods, regardless of name.
MethodFilter Used by a MethodMatcher to see if a Method matches a particular (set of) requirements.
MethodMatcher A utility class used for matching a MethodSignature against a method pattern (this is primarily used by interceptor factories).
MethodPatternParser Parses a method pattern (consisting of a name pattern, followed by an optional parameters pattern) into a MethodFilter.
NamePrefixFilter Matches when a provide name is a prefix of the method name.
NameSuffixFilter Used to match a method name against a suffix.
ParameterCountFilter Checks the number of parameters against an expected count.
ParameterFilter Matches a parameter at a particular index.