Package org.apache.hivemind.service

Definitions of services provided by the hivemind module.


Interface Summary
ClassFab Used when fabricating a new class.
ClassFactory Service used when dynamically creating new classes.
EventLinker Service used to link two other services together using event notifications.
InterfaceFab A cousin to ClassFab used to create new interfaces.
InterfaceSynthesizer Creates a synthetic interface based on the provided class.
MethodFab Represents a created method on a class; used to add catch handlers.
ObjectProvider A service which can provide an object value for the indirect translator.
ThreadCleanupListener Listener interface implemented by classes which need to know when a thread cleanup occurs.
ThreadEventNotifier Service which acts as a dispatch hub for events about the lifecycle of the current thread.
ThreadLocale The hivemind.ThreadLocale service is intrinsic to HiveMind; its a threaded service for storing the locale for the current thread (it uses the threaded service).
ThreadLocalStorage Provides a service which can temporarily store thread-local data.

Class Summary
BodyBuilder Utility class for assembling the body used with Javassist as a method or catch block.
ClassFabUtils Static class containing utility methods.
MethodContribution Contains contributions defined by the hivemind.MethodFilter schema.
MethodIterator Utility used to iterate over the visible methods of a class.
MethodSignature A representation of a Method, identifying the name, return type, parameter types and exception types.

Package org.apache.hivemind.service Description

Definitions of services provided by the hivemind module.