Package org.apache.hivemind.internal

Interface Summary
ConfigurationPoint An extension point that provides configuration data in the form of a list of elements.
Contribution An Contribution is a contribution to an ConfigurationPoint.
ExtensionPoint Base interface for service and configuration extension points.
MessageFinder An abstraction around the ResourceBundler-style property names and localized messages.
Module The definition of a HiveMind Module.
RegistryInfrastructure Extension of Registry provided by some internals of HiveMind to faciliate the creation of services and configurations.
ServiceImplementationConstructor A contribution to a service extension point that is used to create the core service instance (which may then be enhanced with interceptors).
ServiceInterceptorContribution A contribution to a service extension point that creates an interceptor.
ServiceModel A service model is associated with a ServicePoint to supply rules for the lifecycle of the service.
ServicePoint Sub-interface of ExtensionPoint that defines a service extension point.

Class Summary
Visibility The visibility of a configuruation point, extension point, or schema.