Uses of Interface

Packages that use ErrorLog
org.apache.hivemind The main HiveMind package. 
org.apache.hivemind.impl Implementations of interfaces defined in the org.apache.commons.hivemind package. 
org.apache.hivemind.order Classes and interfaces for ordering objects based on dependencies. 
org.apache.hivemind.service.impl Implementations of services provided by the hivemind module. 

Uses of ErrorLog in org.apache.hivemind

Methods in org.apache.hivemind that return ErrorLog
 ErrorLog ServiceImplementationFactoryParameters.getErrorLog()
          An ErrorLog instance used for reporting recoverable errors related to the service (or the construction of the service).

Uses of ErrorLog in org.apache.hivemind.impl

Classes in org.apache.hivemind.impl that implement ErrorLog
 class ErrorLogImpl

Methods in org.apache.hivemind.impl that return ErrorLog
 ErrorLog ServiceImplementationFactoryParametersImpl.getErrorLog()
 ErrorLog AbstractExtensionPoint.getErrorLog()

Constructors in org.apache.hivemind.impl with parameters of type ErrorLog
SchemaProcessorImpl(ErrorLog errorLog, Schema schema)

Uses of ErrorLog in org.apache.hivemind.internal

Methods in org.apache.hivemind.internal that return ErrorLog
 ErrorLog ExtensionPoint.getErrorLog()
          Returns an ErrorLog used to report any recoverable errors related to the extension point.

Uses of ErrorLog in org.apache.hivemind.order

Constructors in org.apache.hivemind.order with parameters of type ErrorLog
Orderer(ErrorLog errorLog, java.lang.String objectType)
          Creates a new instance.

Uses of ErrorLog in org.apache.hivemind.service.impl

Methods in org.apache.hivemind.service.impl with parameters of type ErrorLog
 void ObjectTranslator.setErrorLog(ErrorLog errorLog)

Constructors in org.apache.hivemind.service.impl with parameters of type ErrorLog
EventLinkerImpl(ErrorLog errorLog)