Class EventLinkerImpl

  extended by org.apache.hivemind.impl.BaseLocatable
      extended by org.apache.hivemind.service.impl.EventLinkerImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:
Locatable, LocationHolder, EventLinker

public class EventLinkerImpl
extends BaseLocatable
implements EventLinker

Implementation of EventLinker. Will output warnings whenever a consumer can't be registered for at least one event set (which can happen when the consumer does not implement the necessary interfaces).

Howard Lewis Ship

Constructor Summary
EventLinkerImpl(ErrorLog errorLog)
Method Summary
 void addEventListener(java.lang.Object producer, java.lang.String eventSetName, java.lang.Object consumer, Location location)
          Adds the consumer as a listener of events published by the producer.
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Constructor Detail


public EventLinkerImpl(ErrorLog errorLog)
Method Detail


public void addEventListener(java.lang.Object producer,
                             java.lang.String eventSetName,
                             java.lang.Object consumer,
                             Location location)
Description copied from interface: EventLinker
Adds the consumer as a listener of events published by the producer. Typically, the producer is a service, and the consumer is some other service's core implementation.

Specified by:
addEventListener in interface EventLinker
producer - the object which will be publishing the events.
eventSetName - the name of an event set; the consumer will only be registered for that set of events.
consumer - the object which will be added as a listener.
location - used when reporting errors, may be null