Class ProxyBuilder

  extended by org.apache.hivemind.impl.ProxyBuilder

public final class ProxyBuilder
extends java.lang.Object

Class used to assist service extension points in creating proxies.

Howard Lewis Ship

Constructor Summary
ProxyBuilder(java.lang.String type, ServicePoint point)
ProxyBuilder(java.lang.String type, ServicePoint point, boolean outerProxy)
          Constructs a new builder.
Method Summary
 void addServiceMethods(java.lang.String indirection)
          Creates the service methods for the class.
 ClassFab getClassFab()
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Constructor Detail


public ProxyBuilder(java.lang.String type,
                    ServicePoint point)


public ProxyBuilder(java.lang.String type,
                    ServicePoint point,
                    boolean outerProxy)
Constructs a new builder. The type will be incorporated into value returned by the toString() method. The service extension point is used to identify the service interface and service id.

type - used as part of the toString() method's return value
point - the service point for which this proxy is being constructed
outerProxy - if false, then the proxy can extend the service points service interface always. If true and the service point's declared interface is actually a bean class (not an interface), then the proxy will be a subclass of that bean.
Method Detail


public ClassFab getClassFab()


public void addServiceMethods(java.lang.String indirection)
Creates the service methods for the class.

indirection - the name of a variable, or a method invocation snippet, used to redirect the invocation on the proxy to the actual service implementation.