Class LoggingInterceptorFactory

  extended by org.apache.hivemind.service.impl.LoggingInterceptorFactory
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LoggingInterceptorFactory
extends java.lang.Object
implements ServiceInterceptorFactory

An interceptor factory that adds logging capability to a service. The logging is based upon the Jakarta commons-logging toolkit, which makes it very transportable.

The interceptor will log entry to each method and exit from the method (with return value), plus log any exceptions thrown by the method. The logger used is the id of the service, which is not necessarily the name of the implementing class. Logging occurs at the debug level.

Howard Lewis Ship

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void addServiceMethodImplementation(ClassFab classFab, MethodSignature sig)
protected  void addServiceMethods(InterceptorStack stack, ClassFab fab, java.util.List parameters)
protected  void addToStringMethod(InterceptorStack stack, ClassFab fab)
          Creates a toString() method that identify the interceptor service id, the intercepted service id, and the service interface class name).
 void createInterceptor(InterceptorStack stack, Module contributingModule, java.util.List parameters)
          Creates the interceptor.
 void setFactory(ClassFactory factory)
 void setServiceId(java.lang.String string)
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Constructor Detail


public LoggingInterceptorFactory()
Method Detail


protected void addServiceMethodImplementation(ClassFab classFab,
                                              MethodSignature sig)


protected void addServiceMethods(InterceptorStack stack,
                                 ClassFab fab,
                                 java.util.List parameters)


protected void addToStringMethod(InterceptorStack stack,
                                 ClassFab fab)
Creates a toString() method that identify the interceptor service id, the intercepted service id, and the service interface class name).


public void createInterceptor(InterceptorStack stack,
                              Module contributingModule,
                              java.util.List parameters)
Creates the interceptor. The class that is created is cached; if an interceptor is requested for the same extension point, then the previously constructed class is reused (this can happen with the threaded service model, for example, when a thread-local service implementation is created for different threads).

Specified by:
createInterceptor in interface ServiceInterceptorFactory


public void setFactory(ClassFactory factory)


public void setServiceId(java.lang.String string)