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Packages that use BuilderFacet
org.apache.hivemind.service.impl Implementations of services provided by the hivemind module. 

Uses of BuilderFacet in org.apache.hivemind.service.impl

Subclasses of BuilderFacet in org.apache.hivemind.service.impl
 class BuilderClassResolverFacet
          BuilderFacet whose value is the ClassResolver of the contributing module.
 class BuilderErrorHandlerFacet
          Exposes the invoking module's ErrorHandler to a service as a constructor parameter or a property.
 class BuilderErrorLogFacet
          Exposes the service's error log as a constructor parameter or a property.
 class BuilderLogFacet
          Facet whose value is the Log instance for the service (which is based on the service id, not the class name).
 class BuilderMessagesFacet
          BuilderFacet whose value is the Messages for the module containing the service being constructed.
 class BuilderPropertyFacet
          Implementation of BuilderFacet that stores a value.
 class BuilderServiceIdFacet
          BuilderFacet whose value is the service id of the service being constructed.

Methods in org.apache.hivemind.service.impl that return BuilderFacet
 BuilderFacet BuilderParameter.getFacetForType(ServiceImplementationFactoryParameters factoryParameters, java.lang.Class targetType)

Methods in org.apache.hivemind.service.impl with parameters of type BuilderFacet
 void BuilderParameter.addParameter(BuilderFacet facet)
 void BuilderParameter.addProperty(BuilderFacet facet)