Uses of Interface

Packages that use Messages
org.apache.hivemind The main HiveMind package. 
org.apache.hivemind.impl Implementations of interfaces defined in the org.apache.commons.hivemind package. 

Uses of Messages in org.apache.hivemind

Methods in org.apache.hivemind that return Messages
 Messages Registry.getModuleMessages(java.lang.String moduleId)
          Returns the Messages object for the specified module.

Uses of Messages in org.apache.hivemind.impl

Classes in org.apache.hivemind.impl that implement Messages
 class AbstractMessages
          Abstract base class for implementations of Messages.
 class MessageFormatter
          A wrapper around ResourceBundle that makes it easier to access and format messages.
 class ModuleMessages
          An implementation of Messages that obtains messages from a MessageFinder, in a locale provided by the ThreadLocale service.

Methods in org.apache.hivemind.impl that return Messages
 Messages ModuleImpl.getMessages()
 Messages RegistryImpl.getModuleMessages(java.lang.String moduleId)

Uses of Messages in org.apache.hivemind.internal

Methods in org.apache.hivemind.internal that return Messages
 Messages Module.getMessages()
          Returns an object that can provide and format localized messages for this module.